A totally green production,

perfectly in line with our corporate mission

Maximum comfort thanks to heat transfer by radiation.

The heat is evenly and directly transferred to the people and the temperature is “gently” conveyed to the environment. In conventional heating systems, the heat is exchanged by convection: the hot air rises to the high areas of the room and cools down as it descends. In the highest areas of the room heat is lost through thermal bridges. This generates substantial differences in the perceived temperature.

Energy savings and constantly controlled temperatures

Thanks to the smart, simple and accurate remote electronic thermostat, able to independently manage the power output based on the momentary thermal load, the temperature will always be ideal and under control, without energy wasting.

Compatibility with renewable sources

Our electric radiators are designed to be used with renewable energy, they can use the energy supplied by a photovoltaic system, heat pumps or low temperature boilers to adapt to every system.

No more undesired oil leaks

All our extruded radiators are electrified with a particular dry system. The heat is no longer produced by an electric resistance immersed in an oil bath. This method of electrification can be very dangerous if the product were to leak, given the high boiling temperature necessary to prevent the oil from evaporating inside (150-300 ° C). In line with our green production, we do not use this fluid, which is also difficult to dispose of.

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