Mission & Values

Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier


Aluminium is a noble metal. This is for this reason why Radiatori 2000 decided to specialise in this sector, choosing this metal as the sole source of its entire processing and production.

This endlessly recyclable metal can be found with large quantities in most object of everyday use and it can be infinitely reworked giving it a completely new life.
Manufacturing using recycled aluminium allows an energy saving of 95% compared to production from directly extracted raw materials.
Be green is our primary corporate slogan: metal waste should not be considered as a cost, but as a valuable resource.

Radiatori 2000, therefore, manufactures finished products from what everyone would normally have considered waste, trying to preserve our precious planet every single day.


Having an internal control of the entire raw material production cycle allow us to achieve a significant competitive advantage.
Specialisation, professional training and extensive industrial know-how allows Radiatori 2000 to market strictly Made in Italy high performance products at an excellent quality-price ratio.


Without high technological support, even the most noble intentions can dwindle. Constant investment in research and development, internal design and Italian production, allow the company to keep abreast of the times, adapt flexibly to customer needs and pursue constant product and process innovations.

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